7th March for life in Paris on sunday january 23rd

 « Morally responsible openness to life represents a rich social and economic resource. » Caritas in Veritate n°44. This is by this quotation of the Holy Father, pope Benedict XVI, that the Institute of the Good Shepherd renew his support to the “7th Marche for life” who will take place in Paris on Sunday 23rd. This support must follow the Prayer vigil for All Nascent Human Life, largely followed last november 27th, by the entire Church kneeling with the Holy Father. This is because we recognize that man is created« in the image, after the likeness of God » Gn 1, 26 that we respect life from his conception until his natural death. We encourage all the faithfuls to walk in order to demonstrate our respect of life since the maternal womb : “Upon you I was thrust from the womb; since birth you are my God.” Ps 22, 11. There is no one day where the life is in danger in earth. We will march this year thinking about the work of the parliament commission on bioethics questions before the revision of laws at the end of January. We will be aware also that the question of “right to finish its life with dignity” reappears in a new day into the senate. It is up to us to show our respect for life in this public demonstration, so all together we will stand next Sunday à 2.30 pm Place de la république in Paris.